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At Building Block we believe in going back to the basics, trusting in what feels true whether that's what you wear or what you represent in spirit. Although it's a small gesture in the overall map of actions, we want you to know how we are supporting those who are fighting for their most basic, constitutional rights.
For the remaining month of November, we will be donating 40% of all online sales to The Center for Constitutional Rights--a non profit legal and educational organization dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Issues the CCR actively fights against:
Abusive Immigration Practices
Corporate Human Rights Abuses
Discriminatory Policing and Profiling
LGBTQI Persecution
Racial Injustice
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Torture, War Crimes, & Militarism
What you choose to own is a precious choice, let's remember to preserve the valuable and necessary power of choice at this unnerving moment of political change. Regardless of where you do your holiday shopping this year, please join us in the effort to help all voices be heard. #notmypresident #everythingcounts #centerforconstitutionalrights

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