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Lives races from Saturday on link in bio!

23 and 24 June 2017 will see the Circuit Paul Ricard featuring 1,000 km of racing on the world’s most modern and instantly recognizable track. Saturday’s Blancpain GT Sports Club action at Paul Ricard begins with two 30-minute practice sessions followed by a 20-minute qualifying run. The 25-minute Qualifying Race takes place on Sunday before drivers and teams return later that same day for their 40-minute Main Race. Both races will be shown live on the official Blancpain GT Sports Club website and Facebook page with commentary in English and French. @BlancpainGTSeries #BlancpainGT #Blancpain1735 #GT3  #gtracing #motorsport

A unique annual gathering: 18'000 groupers, 700 grey reef sharks, and a group of audacious research divers. Is this a chaotic feeding frenzy or an organized hunting pack? The Gombessa IV Genesis by Laurent Ballesta and his team builds on observations made during the Gombessa II (2014) study of the grouper reproductive phenomenon, and prepares the Gombessa IV expedition. This project has been realized in French Polynesia in June 2016 with an additional donation linked to the first limited edition Blancpain Ocean Commitment watch. 
Click on link in bio to watch full movie.
#BlancpainOceanCommitment #Blancpain1735

Blancpain’s CEO in the early 1950’, himself a passionate diver, had a keen appreciation from his own experience of what divers needed for their watch:  water resistance, legibility, a locking rotation bezel that could be used to time the dive, anti-magnetic protection, automatic winding. He brought all of these together when he created  the first Fifty Fathoms which has defined diving watches ever since.  He had one other inspiration, a backup safety feature in the form small disk placed on the dial to detect the presence of humidity inside the watch.  Know more about it on link in bio. #Blancpain1735

On the occasion of the supermoon, let's get a closer look to the Moon phases complication... Did you know that the indicator is made up of a wheel with 59 cogs, turning over two complete lunar cycles of 29.5 days. For this reason the moon is painted twice on the disk driven by this wheel. The moon phase mechanism is moved forward once a day around 6pm by a gear similar to that of the date indication.
#blancpain1735 #villeret #watchmaking #classicwatch #moonphases #timepieces #watchmakers #dailywatches #swisswatches #supermoon

What is the specificity of the new Fifty Fathoms Blancpain Ocean Commitment II? This piece features an all-blue ceramic case. This coloring is achieved by adding pigments during the ceramic production process, together with a binding agent. Subsequently, to obtain this uniform, long-lasting hue throughout the entire case, two techniques were used. The first one is a compaction process and the second one in an injection process.
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Blancpain introduces the new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph Blancpain Ocean Commitment II (BOC II). For the first time, this piece features an all-blue ceramic case. For each timepiece sold in this 250-piece limited edition, an amount of 1000 Euro will be donated in support of scientific expeditions. The 250,000 Euro resulting from this will be added to Blancpain’s contributions in support of the oceans.
#bathyscaphe #blancpain1735 #fiftyfathoms  #ocean #commitment #diving #protection #preservation #raise #awareness #passion #underwater

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