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#Reposting @coveteur “I think my story of being a New Yorker and being exposed to people that are willing to take risks, has given me strength inside to be a risk taker and the voice for younger kids, like other queer kids of color, that come from humble situation. I think it is important for them to see that you work hard and you strive for what you believe in and if you push through and persevere, you can make anything happen. I think me living with my two best friends has been so beautiful because there is a lot of acceptance and love and intimacy that has given me strength to dress how I want to dress, wear the makeup I want to wear, do my hair the way I want to do my hair. You know, really push the envelope and know that I have a support system. I’m not alone in my pushing of everything.” —@richieshazam  wearing an Ashish sequin jumpsuit of course! Oh and he expertly navigated my runway last season in a one shoulder sequin gown slashed up to the hip, while holding an 8 foot python that he christened 'fluffy'

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