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In the service of science (6/9) RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna”
Apart from the hours, minutes and seconds, the regulator-style dial of the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna” also accommodates the four instantaneously advancing calendar displays: date, day of week, month and leap year. The patented orbital moon-phase display can be seen through the sapphire-crystal caseback of the watch. It shows the current moon phase as well as the positions of the moon and sun as an observer in the northern hemisphere would see them. The mechanism is engineered to such a high degree of accuracy that it takes 1058 years before a correction by one day is required.
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In the service of science (5/9) RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite”
With a fusée-and-chain transmission and a one-minute tourbillon, the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” incorporates two of the most effective complications that increase rate accuracy. Its third complication is the patented stop-seconds mechanism. Thanks to this device, the tourbillon – and with it the entire movement – can be stopped and restarted to one-second accuracy. An aperture in the subsidiary seconds dial exposes the steadily rotating tourbillon. To assure the unambiguous readability of the hour, a segment of the hour dial bearing the numerals VIII, IX and X flips into view at precisely 6 o’clock. It retracts again at 12 o’clock, when the pivoting dial segment is no longer needed.
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Photo: RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” in pink gold

In the service of science (4/9)
The RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS reinterprets the concept of the scientific observation watch in a new way. It is the third RICHARD LANGE watch with the typical regulator-style dial, but with a slightly different sectioning. The biggest stage is reserved for the jumping seconds. A constant-force mechanism ensures that the second hand is not moving steadily, but advances once per second.
A completely new element is the so-called end-of-power indication. Ten hours before the power reserve of 42 hours is depleted, the small triangular indicator turns from white – the colour of the dial – into red, reminding the owner to rewind the watch.
#alangesoehne #richardlange #jumpingsecond #timepieces

In the service of science: Observation watches and their importance (3/9)
Without a correct watch, observations and expeditions in Humboldt's time could be unsuccessful or – even worse – end in the wrong place. Just a few minutes or seconds off could change the course of a ship or the position of a newly found country significantly. Humboldt knew of this importance and relied on high-quality-watches during his five years lasting trip to Latin America: a precision chronometer from Dresden made by Johann Heinrich Seyffert. The latter was fascinated by extremely accurate portable chronometers. A characteristic he shared with Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who changed the manufacture of timepieces in Saxony just as Humboldt influenced the scientific discipline of geography.
#alangesoehne #richardlange #horology #watchmaking #hautehorlogerie #watchmakinghistory #langewatches
Photo: Seyffert observation watch

In the service of science: Alexander von Humboldt and Ferdinand Adolph Lange (2/9)
Because Alexander von Humboldt realised that everything in nature exists in a dynamic relationship with everything else, he applied a holistic approach to his research. He paid attention not only to geography but also concerned himself with humanism, archaeology, meteorology and astronomy. Indeed, many branches of science revere him as a founding father. Ferdinand Adolph Lange also pursued a multifaceted approach: He studied not only the mechanisms of watches, but also developed a totally new system of measurements as well as special means of production and measuring tools – all with a view toward achieving reproducible, high standards of quality.
#alangesoehne #richardlange #horology #watchaddict #watchmaking #hautehorlogerie #watchmakinghistory #langewatches
Photo: Humboldt and the Seyffert observation watch

In the service of science: Alexander von Humboldt and the Seyffert observation watch (1/9)

Alexander von Humboldt set sail 218 years ago today on a trip to Latin America that turned out to be one of the most important exploratory adventures of his lifetime. The Seyffert observation watch he took along with him played an important role on his journey: Thanks to its precise measurements of time, it was one of the most important components of his research. Join us as we retrace the steps of Alexander von Humboldt and Ferdinand Adolph Lange. ----
#alangesoehne #richardlange #richardlangejumpingsecond #horology #watchaddict #watchmaking #hautehorlogerie #watchmakinghistory #langewatches

Once a year: LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” (1/3)
With its convenient home- and zone-time indication, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE is the perfect companion for cosmopolites. In its development, the focus laid on superb legibility. The clearly organised dial delivers a single-glance reading of the home time and the time in a second time zone. The second time zone is selected with a rotating city ring that encompasses all 24 time zones and can be comfortably advanced with a pusher. Elaborately hand-finished and assembled twice, the manufacture calibre has a power reserve of three days.
#alangesoehne #lange1timezone #lange1 #concorsodeleganza #concorsodeleganzavilladeste #retrocar #timepieces #hautehorlogerie -----
Photo: LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition”

Once a year: LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” (2/3)
A. Lange & Söhne has been sponsoring the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este since 2012. The competition takes place every year in May at Lake Como. For the exclusive event that focuses on the beauty and elegance of classic automobiles, A. Lange & Söhne created a unique timepiece. The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” is endowed with a cuvette and the Central European Time on the rotating city ring is represented not by Berlin as usual, but by Como – as a tribute to the event location.
#alangesoehne #lange1timezone #lange1 #concorsodeleganza #concorsodeleganzavilladeste #retrocar #watchnerd #horology
Photo: Rotating city ring of the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” with Como representing the Central European Time

Once a year: LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” (1/3)
The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” is one of the most exclusive A. Lange & Söhne timepieces. After all, it is crafted only once a year – for the “Best of Show” winner at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. In comparison to the classic version, the “Como Edition” is endowed with a cuvette. The free-hand engraved, hinged dust cover in white gold on the movement side pays homage to the competition: the inscription CONCORSO D’ELEGANZA VILLA D’ESTE frames the coat of arms of the event and two calendar years.
#alangesoehne #lange1timezone #lange1 #concorsodeleganza #concorsodeleganzavilladeste #retrocar #horology #watchmaking
Photo: Caseback of the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” with its cuvette

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