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Heavenly Precision (1/9)
Never stand still is a principle that goes back to Walter Lange who established a new company in his 60s – a time where others settle and lean back. His great-grandfather Ferdinand Adolph Lange also lived a life of no standstill. He and his sons were responsible for numerous inventions and were granted many patents. That is what A. Lange & Söhne stands for today as well: a strive for perfection and the steady search for new challenges.
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Animation: Never stand still transforming into the orbital moon-phase display of the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna”

Heavenly Precision (6/9)
The moon, as one of the most prominent celestial bodies, has been preoccupying humankind for millennia. In Saxony, too, the earth’s satellite and its influence on various spheres of life intrigued citizens, scholars and regents alike. Augustus, the elector of Saxony, laid the cornerstone for the discipline of astronomy and lunar research in the 16th century by commissioning Europe’s first large scientific apparatus and instrument collection in Dresden.
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Animation: The moon-phase display of the new LANGE 1 MOON PHASE with its separately moving celestial disc and moon segment, and Dresden’s silhouette by night

Heavenly Precision (3/9)
In the SAXONIA MOON PHASE, the outsize date is prominently set below the twelve o’clock position. The moon-phase display with its 852 laser-cut and differently shaped stars is located in the subsidiary seconds dial at six o’clock and constitutes the visual counterbalance. Together with the indices, they complete the characteristic design of this SAXONIA model.
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Photo: SAXONIA MOON PHASE dial with its characteristic indices and the lunar disc

Heavenly Precision (2/9)
Most mechanical moon-phase indications must be corrected after 2 1/2 years. This is because for simplicity’s sake, they round the period of time between two new moons down to 29.5 days even though it is actually 44 minutes and 3 seconds longer. A. Lange & Söhne moon-phase watches are much more precise. Most of them reproduce the lunar month with an accuracy of 99.998 per cent and emulate the synodic orbit of the earth’s companion so accurately that it only needs to be corrected by one day every 122.6 years.
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Animation: Lunar year and change of the eclipse during the lunar month

In the service of science (1/9) RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS
The in-house produced, thermically blued remontoir spring is part of the constant-force escapement of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS. Once per second, the mainspring barrel tensions the remontoir spring. The absorbed energy is used to power the watch for the next second or, to be precise, for the next six semi-oscillations. In the same time, the constant-force escapement of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS freezes the seconds hand until a full second has elapsed and only then allows it to jump to the next seconds marker.
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Animation: Blued remontoir spring of the constant-force escapement

In the service of science (8/9) RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS
When coiled completely, the mainspring of the RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS wraps around the barrel core 6.2 times. In this state, it stores about 840 mJ. With this amount of energy, a chocolate bar weighing about 100 g (including paper wrapping) could be lifted 84 cm into the air. But instead of lifting a chocolate bar, the spring provides a 42-hour power reserve.
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In the service of science (7/9) RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR „Terraluna“

The balance spring is the heart of a mechanical watch and, as such, directly responsible for its rate accuracy. The RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna” is no exception. Depending on the spring type, a thickness deviation of merely 0.001 millimetres can cause the watch to be off by about 30 minutes per day. Because of the extremely specific knowledge that is required, only very few manufactories are capable of crafting their own balance springs. Since 2003, A. Lange & Söhne has been one of them.
#alangesoehne #richardlange #terraluna#horology #timepieces
Photo: Balance Spring of the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna”

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